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Welcome to ADM Pilates with Amy DeLong-Martin


About ADM Pilates

Pilates is for Everyone


Pilates is customizable to suit every type of body. I have taught the young, old, athletic, pre and post-natal, and also clients with very limited ability due to injuries. Pilates is designed to help everyone feel the best they can in the body they have been given.    

Enhance Your Wellness


Pilates unites the mind and body in a way that eases tension, reduces inflammation, and promotes health and well being. Regular practice will help you correct postural imbalances, improve your breathing, increase muscle tone and flexibility and improve your all around quality of life. 

My Background


I started life dancing and have been a movement explorer ever since. I have danced professionally, taught dance and have a BFA in Dance from the University of Arizona. I have also studied Martial Arts, Body Mind Centering, and Yoga. I try to bring all of this knowledge to my practice as a Pilates Instructor. I received my training from Ellie Herman in her 500 hour comprehensive teacher training course as well as many continuing education workshops. My exploration never ends and I am grateful to work with such wonderful people every day.   


Upcoming Events

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